ID4248L商业金融(Business finance)和投资评价(inve

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ID4248L Business Finance and Investment Appraisal
ID4248L 商业金融和投资评价
Semester 2 Assessment – Indiv idual essays
第2学期评估 –个人随笔
Most reading is available in electronic format from Metalib (from the University website), from JSTOR  or from sites such as Google Scholar and the SSRN website.
Initial reading may focus on the following sources:
Efficient Markets Hypothesis:
Arnold, Corporate Financial Management, Chapter 14
Lumby & Jones, Corporate Finance Theory and Practice, Chapter 15
Basu S 1977 Inv Perf of common stocks EMH JofFinance vol32 no3 pp663 682 JSTOR 2326304
Chen Yeh REH and EMH JEBO
Laffont JJ Maskin ES 1990 EMH and insider trading J PolEcon vol98 no1 pp7 93 jstor 2937642
Malkiel BG 2003 The EMH and its Critics Jnl Economic Perspectives Vol17 no1 pp59 82 JSTOR 3216840
Malkiel BG 2005 Reflections on the EMH 30 yrs later Fin Rev
Dividend Decision: 
Lumby & Jones, Corporate Finance Theory and Practice, Chapter 22
Arnold, Corporate Financial Management, Chapter 22
Brittain, J. A. "The Tax Structure and Corporate Dividend Policy." American Economic Review, May 1964.
Darling, P. G. "The Influence of Expectations and Liquidity on Dividend Policy." Journal of Political Economy, June 1957.
Higgins 1972 the corporate dividend saving decision j financial and quantitative analysis vol7 no2 pp1527 1541 jstor 2329932
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Van Horne, J., and J. McDonald. "Dividend Policy and New Equity Financing." Journal of Finance, May 1971.
Equity Financing:
Arnold, Corporate Financial Management, Chapter 16
Lumby & Jones, Corporate Finance Theory and Practice, Chapter 10
J Helwege N Liang 1996 Is there a pecking order?  Evidence from a panel of IPO firms.  Journal of Financial Economics vol40 pp.429-458
J Lintner - The cost of capital and optimal financing of corporate growth Journal of Finance, 1963 – jstor
A Kraus, RH Litzenberger - A state-preference model of optimal financial leverage jstor Journal of Finance, 1973 – jstor
MZ Frank, VK Goyal - Testing the pecking order theory of capital structure Journal of Financial Economics, 2003
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