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First, the British air traffic management system prevailing ills
1 decree is not uniform
Air Traffic Control to subordinate superior business management department issued instructions to the Regional Administration of the Civil Aviation Administration of the regional Air Traffic Management Command Post, General Air Traffic therefore need to adopt administrative measures to implement an industry management standards, must pass the Regional Administration release.
(2) Facilities Construction Management is not uniform
ATC's construction business needs planning, project reporting arrangements in the upward step by step process of vetting, the lower air traffic control department of information were two channels through administrative and operational reporting, so that each channel in fact inaccurate information obtained , incomplete. Air traffic control department of the acquired business are just some statistical information, but some of the empty tube very valuable management information can not directly and timely access. In the management system, poor access to information in the case, air traffic control departments at all levels of both air traffic control system is responsible for the safe operation, but also to carry out the industry, which is really contrary to scientific decision-making, decrees unity, unity responsibilities and rights management principles.
3 Investment Management unreasonable
State investment in air traffic control, in the actual operation is implemented through administrative mainline. For civil construction fund investment, air traffic control department has only proposed demand planning and investment advice, and have clear investment projects implementation and management of the construction process, and no investment decisions, nor bear the investment risk of liability. Makes some places and department heads no investment risk awareness, high import investment ATC equipment purchase only attention without trying to improve their utilization, resulting in very low investment efficiency. For ATC equipment has been purchased, do not pay attention to management and maintenance, resulting in many ATC equipment reliability and service life greatly reduced, resulting in unnecessary waste of state-owned assets.
4 ATC facilities irrational allocation of resources
CAAC unified revenue gains with international flight routes, air traffic control centers each separate statistics on domestic flights settlement route benefits, so the air traffic control center responsible for the management and maintenance of facilities for the civil aviation sector route exists between the revenue route charges allocation problem. And, en-route facilities using natural vested property right way placed under the management and maintenance of the department responsible for the original. For Airway Facilities Maintenance Management department failed to devote sufficient human, material and financial resources to ensure the maintenance of quality and reliability, precision equipment seriously affected the life and health status.
5 airspace division unreasonable route settings do not reflect the principle of economy, airspace utilization is low
Since a large number of published and unpublished danger zones, restricted areas, not only the existing civil aviation tortuous route set, does not meet the "minimize flyer miles," the route setting norms and shed route difficult, resulting in a small number of routes to accommodate unreasonably high flight traffic.
6 Jun, civil aviation primitive isolation method
When the army special mission aircraft when flying military aircraft designated airspace agreement scheme mostly isolated, sudden flight by military and civil aviation avoid inevitable initial confusion, the latter is often necessary because the use of airspace restrictions for traffic control. And, now the British military, civil aviation standards are different intervals, resulting in a large area of ​​airspace waste.
Second, the British brand of air management system framework   
A British air traffic control system features positioning
Air traffic management is to build a modern integrated transport system the UK an important part of civil aviation is safe, efficient and fair operation of the foundation. In the UK integrated transport system, air traffic transport transportation system is the country an important part, as the sustained economic and social development of civil aviation transportation system in the country will continue to increase in the proportion and become long-haul and high-end transport of goods major way. "Bottleneck in the development of civil aviation air traffic control," the British Civil Aviation in the field of air traffic control investment, construction and management level of the industry behind restricting the British Civil Aviation sustainable and rapid development of the main obstacles to British specialties ATC system is to enhance the development and construction of civil foundation The key initiatives of the operation system, can become the core of the British modern transportation projects.
2 British specialties ATC system framework
(1) to change the past, "two main lines, three management" system as the linear system management system. Linear system of air traffic control system changes the business sector must be higher administrative bureau subordinate status of implementation and management of the business sector, the formation of public affairs separate, run integration. CAA Air Traffic Control, regional Air Traffic Control ATC industry management functions and operation of the implementation of separation of functions, the industry functions exercised by Administration and the Regional Authority; CAA Air Traffic Control and the regional Air Traffic Strike business management and operational functions, vertical management, integration operation. Administration and business management to achieve unity.
(2) In the area of ​​responsibility for air traffic management settings management agency. This management system, breaking the previous planned economy under the administration as a link fragmented management structure is conducive to all levels of air traffic control department under the General Administration of the unified deployment, combined with their own jurisdiction empty real business needs formulate development goals, effectively change the past to focus only on airfield facilities, ignoring route facility construction conditions conducive to the rational allocation of route facilities and perfect.
(3) to major national technology and special and included in the national long-term planning and other forms of air traffic control system established British specialty technology platform building goals and direction for state support of national concern, the British national collection of various resources for technical breakthrough.
(4) a mechanism to establish cross-sectoral collaboration platform and strategic partnership between the industry, from the establishment of the system performance requirements (goals), and improve technology policy, science and technology resources available outside the industry to mobilize other aspects of civil aviation technology development to create a new model, and create Aviation broad pattern of development.
Third, the construction of the UK features air management system of policy recommendations
1 military and civilian air control area should be as consistent as possible
Resources from the national airspace overall consideration, scientific, unified control zone division, army and air control zone as much as possible to achieve consensus, which is to improve airspace utilization, which will help coordinate military and civil aviation effective way.
(2) a reasonable modification route (routes) structure
British route (routes) structure, along with the civil aviation transportation needs evolved form, and its direction by the military airport training airspace restrictions, turning more flight not economic. In recent years, in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai and other busy areas of the approach and departure routes for the adjustment and optimization, has received good safety and economic benefits. Planning, modifying route (route) to focus on the country's economic benefits, the implementation of the overall planning, so as to shorten the voyage between cities.
3 to establish a unified national traffic management system
General and regional levels to implement traffic management systems in the Civil Aviation Administration to establish a national traffic management center, uniform implementation of the country's air traffic flow management; traffic management in the region to establish agencies or seats, according to the National Traffic Management Center requires the implementation of the region's air traffic flow management. Various flight plan approval, flight traffic arrangements, flexible use of airspace as well as en-route flight conflicting temporary adjustment, will flow through a unified management system to achieve. Unified national traffic management systems, will achieve centralized, safe and efficient air traffic control operational objectives play a huge role.
4 Improved control methods
Strengthen the ATC infrastructure construction, by changing the existing procedures control methods, automated radar control, to ensure the flight safety of the premise, to increase flight traffic.
5 In the airspace management to be flexible
Training airspace in the military airport there is no activity, should be allowed to use civilian aircraft, in order to improve airspace utilization. In airspace management, national policy and coordination of military and civil aviation is very important.
4 ATC设施,资源配置不合理
空中交通管理是建立一个现代化的综合交通运输体系,英国民用航空的重要组成部分,是安全,高效和公平运作的基础。在英国综合交通运输体系,是国家空中交通运输系统的重要组成部分,在全国经济社会持续发展的民用航空运输系统的比例将继续加大,并成为长途和高端运输商品主要方式。 “民用航空空中交通控制的发展瓶颈,”英国民用航空空中交通管制的投资,建设和管理水平的行业领域中落后英国民航持续快速发展的主要障碍限制英国特色以提高空管系统的开发和建设土建基础作业系统的关键举措,都可以成为英国的现代交通项目的核心。