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7202AFE Financial Planning代写

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7202AFE Financial Planning
Task Sheet Assignment & Presentation
Trimester 1, 2013
Written Assignment: 5pm - 26TH April, 2013.
Presentation:  5pm - 10TH May, 2013.
The two week window between assessment items is to allow students to record their individual presentations in groups of 4-5 students. Recording devices are limited in number so DO NOT LEAVE it until the due date to record or you will not have time to complete your recording and submission. The written assignment forms the basis and foundation for your recording, no new material in your recordings will be marked.
WEIGHTING:           20%  (__/ 40)           5pm - 26TH April, 2013
Scenario: You are a Financial Planner for a financial planning practice that has its own Licence (ABC Licensee) and a Member of the FPA (Financial Planning Association). You are meeting with a new client who has asked three questions. Please write your answers in a clear, concise and effective manner. Particular care needs to be taken to ensure, regulatory controls and the impact of legislation in regards to the rights and obligations of the various stakeholders.
Requirement: you are to write (word-process) 2000 words answering the following:
Q. 1. So what is ‘Financial Planning’?                               (8%, __/16)
(Communication skills, particularly written are critical for planners)
Q. 2. What is a FSG and what does it contain?                       (9%, __/18)
FSG – Financial Services Guide
(Good researched will improve outcomes – don’t just rely on the text, use it as a starting point)
Q. 3. Introduce and briefly explain 1 Service offering of your Firm - ABC.              (3%,__ /6)
(Service offering to be one covered in Lectures 1 – 6)

WEIGHTING:           20%  (__/ 20)           5pm – 10TH May , 2013
You are required to present (Quest 1 & 2 only) your assignment by way of recording; 3 to 5 minutes in length. The basis and foundation of the presentation must be taken from your written assignment; no new material will be marked. Use of such resources like, ‘power point slides’ may enhance your presentation and end result. Record your presentation in groups on Sony Blog available from AFE Dept and submit individually.
Please note there are a limited number of recording devices and leaving your recording to the last minute on the due date may result in no recording available for marking on the due date. Weeks 9 & 10 are for recording and submission of your presentation. You are strongly encouraged to record your material early and have it submitted by the due date.
Suggested steps and requirements:
Step 1    Get a group of 4-5 students together. Students record in front of their peers.
Step 2   Prepare your presentation (Q1 & Q2) before borrowing the Sony Bloggie camera. Practice with each other present to remove the nervous laughter and distractions. Plan where the recordings will take place. Students need a quite area, hint don’t do it next to the construction zone.
Step 3  Book a Sony Bloggie camera using the online form (
You can borrow the camera for a maximum of 1 hour at a time and bookings should be made at least 48 hours in advance.  After submitting the online booking form, you will be notified of your confirmed booking date / time and collection location via email. 
Enquiries about the booking process can be emailed to the AFE blended learning advisor, Eloise Perini (  However, please allow 24 hours after submitting the form for your request to be processed.
Step 4  Collect Sony Bloggie camera.  You will need to show your Griffith University photo ID card or driver's licence at the time of borrowing to confirm your identity / enrolment in an eligible Griffith University course.  Find a quiet place to record each student’s presentation. Make each recording separately; by starting and stopping the recording for each student.  Save each video file separately. This is an individual submission.  Instructions for using the Bloggie camera will be available on the course website.
Step 5  Submit via L@G.
PLEASE NOTE: reading the assignment will not achieve a successful presentation. Plan and create a presentation to the client answering and explain Q1 & Q2.

Assignment and presentation
1.      Assignment complete question 1, 2, & 3.
2.      Presentation (oral) complete questions 1 & 2. 
3.      Please use proper/good English expression and grammar.
4.      The assignment is submitted through Assignment Handling with a University Assignment Cover Sheet by 5pm on the due date.
5.       The presentation is to be submitted through L@G by 5pm on the due date.
6.      Presentation must start with your name. E.g. this is Bill Smith, student number 1234..
7.      Assignment word-processed, Times Roman or Arial Font 12, doubled-spaced.
8.      Retain an electronic and hard copy for resubmission if required.
9.      Refer to Rubric’s (L@G) for guidance on marking.
10.  Late submission without approval extension, penalised by a reduction of 10% per working day or part working day. More than 5 working days after the due date are awarded zero marks.
11.  No faxes accepted.
12.  Refer Course Profile particularly Assessment and Policies & Guidelines.