代写澳洲assignment:HEFP STATISTIC

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  Regression Analysis


  The data below has been collected in 2008 about national wealth and its impact on the national health for 187 countries. The table contains figures about GDP per head , life expectancy and infant mortality rate .By using an appropriate sampling technique select a bivariate sample ( of at least 30 countries) .

  Examine the relationship between the following pairs of variables:

  1. The GDP per head and the life expectancy for men.

  2. The GDP per head and the infant mortality rate.

  Produce the relevant scatter plots and carry out any appropriate regression analysis. When appropriate, add regression lines to your scatter plots.

  Write a report on your analysis of the data.

  Your report should include the following:

  Sampling procedure: Indicate clearly the population, a sampling frame and describe the sampling procedure used.

  Preliminary Analysis: Comment on the scatter plots produced. Use appropriate statistical tables to test the relevant correlation coefficients. Comment on the result of the test and on the appropriateness of fitting straight lines to these plots.

  Interpretation: Produce equations for your regression lines. Give the meaning of these equations and their coefficients (i.e. the gradient and the intercept) in the context of the study. Illustrate how your regression equations can be used to make predictions.

  Conclusion: Include your main findings, critical discussion of your analysis and suggestions for extension and further analysis.

  You are advised to use Excel for your course work. However YOU WILL NOT LOSE MARKS if you choose not to use Excel.