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  Assignment 1

  Evaluate critically how organisation structure and processes affect organisation culture. You should consider how the organisation culture might affect your ‘views and behaviours’ as an employee and the impact this may have on organisation performance.

  You can apply this to an organisation you are familiar with.

  Word count: 2,500 (excluding bibliography) +/- 10%

  Weighting: 60%

  Submission Date: Monday 10 March 2014 – submit via Turnitin by 12 noon

  Assessment criteria

  1. Show an ability to evaluate critically the principles and practices associated with organisation structure and processes

  2. Demonstrate an understanding how these may affect the culture of an organisation.

  3. Show consideration of the how organisation culture may affect views and behaviours of employees and the impact on the performance of the organisation.

  4. Provide evidence of wider reading, drawing upon appropriate material to support, illustrate and develop the evaluation that is being put forward.

  5. Demonstrate the ability to structure a coherent answer in essay format and to reference fully and accurately.

  Evaluate critically how organisation structure and processes affect organisations culture. You should consider how the organisations culture might affect your views and behaviours as an employee and the impact this may have on organisation performance.

  My suggestion Angela is that you squeeze in between 10 – 15 different quotes and references and try and find some quality research which backs up your claims, if you can put in an image of the corporate structure and any models that will help structure your argument.

  Introduction – 300 words

  · The objective of this piece of coursework is to identify how an organisations structure and its internal processes, shape structure and define a company’s organisational culture.

  · I will begin this report by first of all briefly describing some of the main types of organisational structure and also a brief background into the company I have chosen to scrutinise, Google.

  · I will then critically evaluate Googles organisational structure, evaluate how it communicates information and delegates responsibility, then finally identify what the resulting culture is and discuss the positives and negatives of this culture and how it effects an employees behaviour.

  · I will then critically evaluate Google’s culture and structure and demonstrate my opinion on how successful the company is.

  Background- 300 words

  · There are several types of organisational structure, (list a range and give very brief descriptions and examples,

  · Mention google, brief description of what their main focus is, their core products (google search, webmail, maps, android) and where they are progressing and innovating (google glasses, google car etc), mention their competition with Microsoft and their requirements as a company to continually innovate.

  Main Body 1300 – 1500 words

  · Discuss in depth Googles organisational structure (important section)

  · Demonstrate how this has shaped the culture, what were key influencing factors, higher management (important section)

  · How is information exchanged between employees and management, how management benefits from employees benefits.

  · Why is diverse recruitment for Google so important

  · Communication and structure with a multi-national organisation.

  · Talk more about the Google culture and how it effects the employees (important section)

  o Positives of this culture

  o Negatives of this culture – mention its failings, google plus and failing against facebook, google wave etc.

  · Talk about how Google is improving upon its competitors and how this competitive edge is linked to its organisational structure and culture.

  Conclusion 400 - 500 words

  · Google is successful because of the people who work for it as you can see by (talk about what you have proved in the main body)

  · This is a winning structure for this industry

  Evaluation (incl in the 500 Conclusion words)

  · Would a different structure possibly get more effective results?

  · Would this structure translate into every industry? (no it wouldn’t work in McDonalds)

  · Your opinion on Google and also mention how important it is for them to support the culture and how it gives them a competitive edge