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HIST 152: Modern East and Southeast A

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Writing Assignment 5 on Latehomecomer



·         Yang, Latehomecomer, parts 1-3. 


Answer the following questions in “HIST 152 Style.”


1.      Describe the hardships that Yang’s family went through from Laos to the time they arrived in the US.  When and why did they leave Laos?  Where did they go next before coming to the US?  

2.      Discuss the challenges that the Yang’s parents faced while they were in the refugee camps in Thailand. Make sure you include a discussion of why her father felt he had to have the second wife. Did he want to have one? 

3.      Discuss the issues of discrimination that they faced in the United States.  Choose two episodes and explain in depth.  


A hard copy must be submitted in class on the day it is due. Check the syllabus for the due date.   For more explanation on “HIST 152 Style,” check the PowerPoint titled, “HIST 152 Style.”