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  代写英国SCM Assignment Report

  The individual report should be no more than 3000 words in length and should normally contain the following elements:

  1. Executive Summary

  2. Introduction, which should include a discussion of the internal and external context of the organisation.

  3. Analysis of the supply chain issue within the organisation addressing the 4 points outlined above

  4. Proposal(s) or options for workable recommendation(s) to respond to any supply chain issues.

  5. Critical analysis of any recommendation(s)that should include a discussion of:

  a. Alternative approaches and their relative merits

  b. Potential barriers, trade offs and problems to the success of any implementation


  The report should address the following learning outcomes within the context of the selected organisation:

Learning outcomes

By the end of the module, a successful student should be able to:


Demonstrate a critical understanding of supply chain processes and supply chain integration.


Critically analyse the application of innovative technologies for globalising supply chain networks.


Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of different types of organisations global supply chains across industry sectors.


Demonstrate a critical awareness of issues and concerns associated with managing global supply chains.

  The report will be assessed on the basis of:

  · Depth and relevance of research,

  · Synthesis and evaluation of data,

  · Application, analysis and understanding of appropriate concepts,

  · A clear, professional and well-presented report.

  You should make sure that you are fully aware of the School's policy on plagiarism. You should be aware that you cannot later claim that you did not know the rules and regulations; like all of us working at Sussex, you must make yourself familiar with them

  Assessment criteria



Check List


High Distinction


80 +      

Critically reflects on established literature, empirical research and theories underpinning supply chain management.

Shows evidence of appropriate, extensive and intensive data collection and analysis.

Well researched, written and argued in a compelling manner.

Extensive research-level references.

New insights emerge from the reading of research or student’s own experiences.

The report demonstrates a mastery of the subject that goes well beyond basic reading to critically explore alternative perspectives.

The analysis presented is well developed, complete and coherent, and is written in a compelling manner.

Perhaps most importantly, an 80+ piece of report is characterized by a spark of creativity, or by new ideas and insights that emerge from the student’s reading and experience.



70 – 79

Excellent knowledge of supply chain configuration issues.

Extensive and appropriate use of a wide range of literature.

Evidence of extensive or intensive data collection and analysis.

Evidence of a critical understanding of theories and practice.

Demonstrates a clear understanding and is able to present a logical and cogent argument.

The report demonstrates excellent understanding of the subject that has been gained through a thorough critical analysis of themes and issues. 

It draws effectively on the relevant literature and concepts to build a comprehensive and cohesive analysis. 

Persuasive reasoning backed up by appropriate illustrative examples.



60 – 69

Good knowledge of the supply chain management issues.

Uses a good range of literature including refereed journals.

Evidence of appropriate data collection and analysis.

Logically structured and argued with the beginnings of a critical understanding of the business issue.

The report demonstrates proficient understanding of the subject gained from reporting with key sources.

Major themes and debates in the extant literature are recognized and are at least referred to if not taken up completely throughout the assessment.


50 – 59

Shows a basic understanding of supply chain issues and concepts.

Uses a limited range of literature including some refereed journals.

Shows some evidence of basic data collection and analysis.

Overall is descriptive with some development of an argument but lacking any depth and critical reflection.

The report demonstrates a basic competence in the subject.

It draws on some relevant literature, but provides only a limited critical analysis of this material.

Examples are used, but without a critical, analytical context 

The analysis presented has some gaps.

Report of this grade is characterized by sufficient coverage of the subject, but unsophisticated understanding and analysis.

Marginal Fail

40 – 49

There is a credible, although insufficient, attempt to cover all components of the assessment.

Has read some literature but demonstrates only limited understanding and application of the concepts.

The investigation and analysis falls short of pass standard.

Descriptive in style, poor analytical structure, lacking focus and has no clear narrative thread.

The report demonstrates only a limited degree of competence in the subject.

It has some sense of academic debate and/or rational analysis.

There is a tendency towards reportage rather than any form of interpretation.

Report of this grade is characterized by just acceptable comprehension in all elements, but the report could be improved to achieve a pass grade if the student puts in sufficient effort



0 – 39 

A major problem in one or more significant areas: literature, methodology, language, etc.

Clear lack of sufficient reading and use of references.

Fails to extend beyond concepts and readings already taught and examined elsewhere.

Poorly designed and superficial analysis.

Analysis is incoherent and/or inconsistent.

The report demonstrates a lack of understanding of the subject

There are significant gaps in the interpretation of literature and relevant concepts, and the reasoning presented is flawed, inconsistent, contradictory, or incoherent.

Unacceptable report is characterized by incompleteness and inadequate comprehension.