Explain Plato’s views on education and democracy

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 Posted on: Wednesday, January 25, 2013
 PHIL 120 – Paper 1
 Write 3-5 pages on the following topic:
 The paper is due in class on Friday, Feb. 3. This should give you plenty of time to write a draft, seek assistance from the writing center and/or me, and to revise your draft. You are strongly encouraged to follow this approach.
Please see the syllabus for information on the required format and style for philosophy papers, and for general information on academic integrity and (un)authorized aid. In addition to what is said there, please note that you are to work on this paper alone, using only “class materials” such as your textbooks, other assigned readings, handouts, and class notes. Use of any other source counts as unauthorized aid. Help from the writing center and the professor are allowed, but other help is unauthorized aid.