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商业研究学士管理学作业要求:Business Study—Co

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Complete a feasibility business development plan for the “Develop Electric Vehicles in New Zealand ”
Setion1: Executive Summary
Write this part last 
It is very important, as it is the first part that the lecturer will need.
Give a FULL description of the product or service
Include a description of what you are doing, where you are now, where are you going and how you will get there.
Section 2:Introduction
State the purpose of the report, for whom the report in intented and explain the layout of the plan.
Section3: Environmental Analysis
This gives the big picture and sets the scene
Complete a brief environmental analysis
Discuss why the time is “right” for this idea i.e. what is the environmental or other situation that will benefit the venture?
Complete a competitive analysis
Outline the macroeconomic factors that will impact on the business venture. Include what is the impact, either now or in the future, of globalization on the business
List any laws that will affect your business
Identify any areas of significant potential liability
Section 4: Product/Service
This explains the product/service you are offering to the marketplace in detail, your target market and a full explanation of needs and wants.
Description of the total product in terms of target market needs, that is product positioning, customer needs/benefits, core, actual and augmented product, size of market
Selection and description of the target market, ie. Customer profile
Pricing strategy
Promotional strategy
Distribution strategy
Section 5: The organization
This explains the basic organizational structures and how you plan to deliver product to the customer at the right time at the right price.
Distinctive competency
What is your core competency? Why will a customer come to this business rather than another?
What is your competitive advantage?
What will be your critical success fators?
Choice of legal entity
Organization structure
Organization culture-what you are hoping to create, how you do this and what methods of communication will support this. What are the business ethics that are important to the business and how do the CEO or owner and any staff demonstrate these. How are these affected by the culture of the owners? How will you build a culture of intrapreneurship?
Mission or vision
Strategies including how competitors will react to you entering the market place and how you might counteract this
Resources required of strategies
Start to plan (showing timings of launch)
Section 6: Operational and Resource planning
How are you going to deliver the “goods”?
Quality controls
Production facilities, capacity and procedures
Inventory controls
Supplier information
Information systems and hardware required
Human resource planning-job description and recruitment procedures, human resource legislation
Ethical dilemmas
Section 7: Financial plan
How much money is required, how it is to be spent and what return there will be?
First years of operation
Forecasted revenue statement (GST exclusive and done monthly for 12 months)
Budgeted cash flows (done monthly for 12 months with GST items)
Budgeted balance sheet
Sources of finance
Proposed capital structure
Debt finance, the terms of the finance and the cost of borrowing
Equity finance-the shareholders contributions and proposed drawings/dividend policy.
Attractiveness of the investment –why will a person invest and what rate of return might they expect
Section 8: Conclusion
Comment on the feasibility.
Outline areas of the future study, what issues arose that need to be considered or risks identified that need to be followed up on.
This has its own index.
Job descriptions
Person specifications
Hardware and software lists
Summary of research results
Financial data
APA  References
(reference page要求APA格式。所有用到网站,书上和杂志上的资料和信息都要写reference, 内容用到的reference和结尾的reference page 要一致)
“Electric Vehicles in New Zealand ”:就是推行电动汽车在新西兰市场的一篇可行性计划。可以考虑从国外进口电动汽车配件,然后在新西兰工厂组装再推行市场等。(因为新西兰目前没有自己的汽车品牌和生产线),也可以考虑进口整车直接来销售等等。 请在网上做好research。