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MP3674 - Assignment 2 support logicAssembly 2 & 4 – Match & Batch modulesThe Arena modelAssembly4.doe is the basis upon which the solution of Assignment 2 is built. You are required to analyse the model to determine how it works.There are 4 parts that are assembled to form a table: Table Top (Quantity 1), Table legs (4), Part 3 (2), Part 4 (1).The Table legs are processed then batched together in batches of 4. Part 3 is also processed then batched in batches of 2. All 4 parts are then matched (kitted) then batched to form one entity.The part pictures are changed at various points in the model to reflect the changes in the physical appearance of the parts/assembly.See also Smart 002 & 093 – batching concepts, and Smart 170 – matching entities/Large models – Read/Write   File modulesFirst_model_7 – uses write to file to store entity depart timesSecond_model_7 – uses read from file   separate to have entities enter the model at the same rate as they leave from First_model_7.See also Smart 162   simdat.txt, and Smart 164   row.txt – read data from file examplesHold and Signal modulesHold for condition.doe shows how the hold module can keep entities until a condition is meet, in this case a queue size.Shift signal.doe usescomthe hold module to keep entities until a signal is sent from the signal module. A logic loop creates a single entity which changes a variable (shift) after delay times and sends a signal to the hold module to make that part of the model logic happen. The model also uses schedules for the resources and for entity arrivals.See also Smart 084, 087 and 130 for further logic ideas.