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留学生论文结构要注意什么?怎么写?:basic struc

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Basic structure: Introduction, body paragraphs (should be connected in a logical manner, each body paragraph should deal with one idea, linking sentences at the beginning and end of each paragraph create cohesion), conclusion (a conclusion should not introduce new information).基本结构:引言,正文第(应以逻辑方式连接,每个身体段应处理一个想法,连接句子的开头和结尾,每个段落创建凝聚力),结论(结论应该不会引入新的信息)。
Brain storm头脑风暴
Paragraph structure:段落结构
1) Introduction简介
2) Body paragraphs (main parts): subtitles of each character车身段(主要部分):每个字符的字幕
Statement of each character of WP-carbon and climate change + references support + an issue/opportunity for business?  And how声明的每个字符的WP-碳和气候变化+支持+业务问题/机会吗?又如何
3)  conclusion: to summaries and emphasize those concepts in above paragraphs 留学生论文结构结论:总结和强调这些概念在上面的段落
Part 1: Introduction第1部分:简介
“Carbon and climate change” is a wicked problem“碳与气候变化”是一个邪恶的问题
Part 2: Main Body 第2部分:主体
1) Explain how the current carbon and climate change debate can be interpreted as a wicked problem1)说明如何在当前的碳和气候变化的争论可以理解为一个邪恶的问题
2) Demonstrate how this wicked problem poses an issue and/or opportunity for business2)证明这个邪恶的问题是如何提出的问题和/或业务机会
1. -- Time: stopping rule; 2. Test
no stopping rule; no immediate and ultimate test of a WP;  solutions to WP are “one-shot”; the solution must work.—it’s an issue for business, the amount of afford to put into is costly
 --human activities cause this problem, one prob leads to antoher prob
every WP may be considered a symptom if another problem (climate change: most scientists consider that global warming is at least partially due to human activity, therefore they suggest that limiting carbon emissions is a possible solution);
2. --unique: 1.not r/f; 2. No adoption; 3. One shot, must work;
WPs are unique: they may not be solved through the adoption of a previously implemented solution ; no one right answers; solutions of WP are not true/false, but good/bad (are defined is an important issue of values and ethics, and the business context); no set NO if possible solutions to a WP, may be many possible approaches;
Part 3: Conclusion
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