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代写美国essay:Virginia Woolf’s

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According to Virginia Woolf herself, the female used to play the role of a mirror, and a magical mirror; in this mirror, the male’s figure and power are enlarged extensively(Woolf, 1994). In such a society, the female role is twisted and their role in the social structure is largely distorted. Unluckily, the female instincts in literature are thus covered. Influenced by her own experiences and creative works, Woolf spares no efforts to change the current status and encourage every woman to seek for her own goals. For the one thing, Virginia Woolf sets herself up as an outstanding example in feminism activities; for the other thing, Virginia Woolf helps breaking up all kinds of boundaries limiting the female and does great contribution in pushing forward feminine development.

After a six-chapter analysis upon the female inferiority in A Room of One’s Own, Virginia Woolf arrives at a conclusion that women should break out the male control bravely and then fight for their own pursuits. She believes that a woman ought to overcome two difficulties to gain spiritual freedom. The first one is to abandon the “angel in the house”, and the second one is to get rid of stubborn values and build up one’s own. In another words, Virginia Woolf suggests that every woman should live regardless of the male expectations and no longer remains their slave (Goldman, 2001). Instead, a woman should set up her own values and objectives. By attaining to the above two goals, a woman succeed in living her own life in a meaningful way.