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With the Party committees and governments on the importance of women's leadership and training, many women's participation in political, economic and cultural management, and the quality of its unique personality and charisma to be accepted by the community. In the modern organization and management, women in leadership how can we do to enhance their content, taste and accomplishment at the same time, pay attention to make full use of their own emotions, gentle nature, in the work that we do dig advantages are appropriate, dealt with gently, with their own unique style of leadership won praise, to make achievements, this is a subject worthy of study.
One, flexible leadership styles: the unique advantage of women leaders.
Management of development, has gone through the early 20th century to the 1930s classical management period, the 1930s and 1960s during the conduct of scientific management, since the 1960s, "people-oriented" management during three stages. In the first stage, the leadership is rigid, leaders rely on power, forcing the leaders to obey his will, that is, totalitarian dictatorship are the main features of this phase. Leadership during this period generally follow the rules of the "Iron Law", the leader is the leader so doing, the leader, you must do. The leader is leading center of activity, and was leader of the right, but not the slightest. In the second phase, the leadership strength decreased, more attention to the use of scientific means to control the behavior of the leader, scientific management is the main characteristic of this period. Leadership at this stage generally follow the "golden rule", ie the leader wants to be a leader how to treat yourself, treat yourself on how to be a leader. In leadership activities, leaders began to consider the wishes and demands of the leader, but still is considered from the perspective of leadership issues, just slightly flexible. After the 1960s, especially in the 21st century, with the knowledge economy and information society, ordinary people the concept of democracy is enhanced by the quality of leadership continues to improve, the proportion of knowledge workers is growing . In this case, the right leadership put forward higher requirements. Leaders pay more attention to the harmony and being a leader, leadership activities generally follow the "Platinum Rule", the leader is a leader around the turn, was the leader became a leading center of activities, leadership has undergone a qualitative change. The traditional way of dictating leadership development become increasingly unsuited to the needs of today's organizations, replaced by flexible style of leadership.
The so-called flexible leadership style, is a leader in understanding the needs of employees, emotional feelings, relationships and patterns of behavior, based on a non-mandatory command mode, in people's minds produce convincing convincing, so that employees consciously obey and recognition Leadership behavior and decisions, and consciously organize their own goals and visions together, and fought for. Flexible way to pay more attention to non-leading power factors, more people-oriented, personalized style of leadership, more emphasis on two-way communication, coordination and motivation. The development, social progress, for women to play leadership provided favorable conditions to enable women leaders highlighted the growing advantage, and this advantage is that the leadership of female psychology and flexible perfect fit. Many research studies have shown that: As a leader, women have many men incomparable advantages. Coordination capacity of women leaders is good, pay more attention to observe employees' psychological needs; women leaders strong toughness, strong performance in the face of adversity; female good communication, it is easier to convince others; women doing things delicate, careful decision-making, organizational development has been relatively stable ; women have a wealth of emotions and feelings of others perception, practices likely to be understood and accepted.
Flexible leadership style is the future trend of development. The fact that each person working life needs, the pressure is not the same, the staff did not like imperative, rigid, commanding, authoritative style of leadership, but rather modest, flexible, people-oriented or human affective leadership style. Because it will not only meet the needs of employees, but also to relieve the pressure on staff, or the pressure into motivation, and the pursuit of such psychological satisfaction will lead to increased employee productivity. Men perseverance decisive, but often lack the spirit of democratic consultation, easy autocratic, self-confidence to become conceited, not listen to different opinions. Men tend to be more autonomous, independent and competitive, while women pay more attention to interpersonal communication, interdependence, working in cooperation and so on. In the decision-making process, men are more stressed rationality, while women seek sensible. Women leaders more in line with the road leading flexible. Women because of the psychological characteristics with emotions and be good at this advantage and into the management, forming women's unique flexible leadership style. Taylor, founder of scientific management, Weber believed that effort = ability × motivational. Many psychology experiments have proved that when each organization's employees feel joy, harmony, every employee feel superior-subordinate relationship between democracy, equality, every employee to experience the working environment relaxed, positive, will maximize play to their ability to work and creativity.
Two female leadership flexible psychological basis.  
Women leaders in the management and operation of the process, both showed tenacity competent, Dishuichuanshi, but also modest soft goodness to win just soft, so hardness and softness.
(A) understanding, with affinity.
Psychologists believe that women often associate more thinking, women have a more immediate problem, "holistic" view. They are good at the details of the surrounding more together, from the relatively wide perspective to deal with the problem. They tend to collect a lot of information and a lot of information linked. Therefore, women are more tolerant than men do. Tolerance and understanding are linked. Because women have modest soft good qualities enable women leaders to better utilize its capability of flexible leadership style, so that employees understand, caring staff, respect for care staff, motivate staff; exhibit decisive, competent, honest, flexible; can to treat people with affection, and personality to motivate people to improve their affinity for the leadership work to lay a solid foundation.
(Two) and interpersonal skills, with strong coordination ability.
Leadership is a relationship of art. Interpersonal relationships in modern society is a major factor for success. Man in interpersonal usually individuals first, their success is usually achieved through effective competition. Women leaders dealing with interpersonal relationships are unique, a woman's success is mainly achieved through good relationships. Women leaders the importance of personal relationships, organizational rationalization will be committed to maintaining a stable, more inclined to communicate through language, through mediation, compromise and mutual understanding to solve problems. Women realize their own values, depending on the quality of their right to maintain personal relationships, interpersonal relations coordinator. Women in such relationships in the "soft", one half of motherhood from women are born, while the other part is the man's needs, is shaped by the society. Women of this flexible way to treat people, for men, seems to be a catharsis of the "rubber ball", so that a man's vanity, full of a sense of compassion and satisfied. In this sense, the women leaders in the process, that is, the coordination process; their leadership responsibilities, which is coordinating the responsibility; their leadership, which is coordination. For modern women leaders, with the coordination of interpersonal skills, will undoubtedly improve their own leadership.
(Three) patience perseverance, with a strong sense of responsibility.
Women leaders with strong endurance, which is characterized by perseverance. Patience means not only endure the pain also can carry joy. Most women leaders perseverance, patience, and staff maintain full contact and feel the atmosphere of life organization, and be able to face the big calm, remain calm enough, which is fully integrated into what happened. Although women have to bear a double or even multiple pressures, however, women are born great toughness, particularly in times of hardship and emerge stronger. And, they can do it, the inherent emphasis on external, direct emphasis on indirect, Example is better than precept, a weight on the group, coaching emphasis on discipline, and certainly more important than the negative, psychological emphasis on the physical, motivate emphasis on control, pragmatic emphasis on the retreat. Women leaders cautious, responsible, moral, and others will have enough patience individuals, but also easy to make life work happier, more forceful leadership.
(Four) hardness and softness, self-discipline, treat people with Sophie.
"Gang" mainly refers to women leaders firm on principle, decisive decision-making and action on development and other; "soft" mainly refers to the strategy of flexible work style democracy, and others on the humble and so on.
Gangrouxiangji mainly reflected in the women themselves can be both all-powerful leadership elite, but also can be gentle and virtuous woman. Process and principles of leadership on the issue of female leadership strong, decisive, rational, strong-willed, daring plan, daring decision, so that decision-democratic, scientific, and self-discipline; in the daily management, but also reflect the inclusion, patience , gentle, democracy, can treat people with Sophie. Discipline, that is fair for the government, governance and strict, impartiality and integrity; treat people with Sophie, who is concerned about the staff caring, respect for employees caring person, trust employees to motivate people; able guest, the words, tolerate short, but also to tolerating long.
In fact, successful women who both gentle, delicate and full of emotional side, there are strong, decisive, strong-willed side.
(Five) delicate emotions, good at empathy Leadership.
Female emotional and delicate, so easy to identify with women leaders, put yourself in the situation of its employees, the employees themselves in emotions and feelings into space, and thus easy to generate empathy with the staff, the staff showed a keen perception of emotion. They will carefully and meticulously and staff exchange ideas, discuss problems, make friends, understand the situation, "chatted" type queries employees live, learn, work status at the same time, they will be complemented by a "sweetness and light" type of publication and care and, when circumstances do their best to solve problems. Emotional perception of others is a human good feelings boutique, which gives rise to altruistic behavior, and women leaders in particular have done with ease. Women's Leadership in: good at controlling their emotions, but also good at figuring out the emotions of others; able to stand in the perspective of others, for empathy; each other, mutual understanding, mutual support and mutual understanding; capable personal feelings arising from the needs of others empathy, thus encouraging people to noble emotions, motivating people, rather than the power to influence people.
Third, women leaders flexible leadership style effectively implemented.
Female leaders to take full advantage of its unique flexible psychological advantage in the organization to implement flexible leadership, specifically from the following aspects:
(A) people-oriented, to establish an effective incentive mechanism.
There are three management adage says: people's knowledge as human intelligence, human intelligence than human qualities, not as good as the quality of people's consciousness. [1] see from here, management emphasis on people's emphasis falls on incentives for employees, because consciousness is rooted in the generation of an effective incentive for employees. To make the organization successful completion of the task, we must focus on improving employees' behavior patterns. People's thoughts, feelings, desires, needs a direct impact on the behavior of each individual, that is, human motivation is a human level of intrinsic variables, not fixed. Women leaders to mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, on the one hand to continue to "self-improvement" to enhance their leadership qualities and skills, on the other hand to meet the needs of employees at different levels, using a variety of incentives, so care incentives, incentive trust , honor incentives, incentives praise, respect inspire, share incentive and example inspire. Harvard psychologist William James, who through incentives found in the hourly wage of the system, if a person is not motivated, can only play its capacity 20% -30%, if subjected to proper and adequate incentives, be able to play 80% -90% capacity, even higher. [2] Therefore, women leaders should establish a people-oriented management philosophy, and constantly create a good relationship and incentive environment for their initiative into full play.
(Two) members of the organization's emphasis on mood and emotion regulation.
Positive emotions can inspire employees to complete the Herculean task, whereas negative emotions is not conducive to progress. Therefore, women leaders should change based on the employee's feelings, respect and trust employees to understand and care staff, often transposition of thinking, put yourself in others' shoes, to accommodate words (can listen to accommodate a variety of opinions), Yung Guo (not demanding and people, not demanding subordinates unintentional fault), to affection, and obtain emotional support staff, to form a good and harmonious atmosphere of the organization. Such atmosphere make workers happy, happy, full of trust, support and understanding, information transmission and feedback performance will be greatly improved, forming a dynamic virtuous circle. At the same time, women leaders also examine the problem and improve their rational approach, rewards and punishments, fair and reasonable and moderate affinity will translate into practical system and strictly implemented.
(Three) to enhance interpersonal communication and coordination, unity and cooperation.
Modern research shows that establishing and maintaining healthy interpersonal skills essential for health and well-being, and human relations are fragmented, neglect or destruction can be deadly. [3] Therefore, the excellent team in the competition between the growing convergence of dominant position. Women leaders should make full use of gentle, delicate and full of emotional character strengths, using effective communication skills enable organizations to efficiently generate mutual trust and partnership. Employees thinking and action to achieve the same purpose, all aspects of the organization in close cooperation, mutual support, improve efficiency, reduce waste and avoid the wrangling, duplication and friction, and thus mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff, and ultimately to achieve organizational goals. Women leaders should play a delicate emotional advantage through better communication and understanding of the psychological needs of employees, employees understand the emotion. On the lower support, let go, fully authorized to play the length of others, pay attention to the emotional investment and exchange. As former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in dealing with complicated state affairs, the performance of the strong, decisive, capable, but colleagues and subordinates are very good and considerate.
(Four) to improve non-power factors influence.
Non-power factors include women leaders of character, competence, quality, achievement, emotional and charismatic personality and so on. Non-power factor is the influence of these factors impact on staff. Women leaders have no authority, not just look at the level of their positions, powers of size, but depends on her ability to win people's respect and heartfelt conviction, depending on her personality charm. The first is the personality charm noble personality and excellent character. Noble personality, good moral character can be an immense cohesion and solidarity, the depth and breadth of influence is the power factor can not be compared, and can not be replaced. People have to respect, obedience, trust, acceptance, tolerance of others psychological basis. In the process of leadership, women leaders to use good moral character, outstanding talent, experience, proven track record, winning subordinates heartfelt admiration and admiration, and took her as their role model, a model.
After the formation of this mentality, subordinates will give a message that the leader, feedback and decision-making is true, reliable, correct, reliable, go all worth fighting for. Therefore, women leaders to enhance learning, good at working for experience and constantly improve their own quality and culture, give full play to non-power factors influence a huge role in management.
有三种管理谚语说:人的知识作为人类的智慧,人类的智慧比人类的素质,不如人的质量意识。 [1]从这里看到对人们的重视,管理的重点落在对员工的激励机制,因为意识是根植于产生有效的激励员工。使组织成功地完成了任务,我们必须把重点放在提高员工的行为模式。人民的思想,感情,欲望,需要每个人的行为直接影响,那就是人的动机是一个人的水平的内在变量,不是固定的。调动员工的积极性,一方面继续“自我完善”,另一方面,以提高他们的领导素质和技能,以满足不同层次员工的需求,采用了各种激励措施,使女性领导人关怀激励,信任激励,荣誉激励,激励的一致好评,尊重激励,股份奖励,形象鼓舞。哈佛大学心理学家威廉·詹姆斯,谁通过奖励系统每小时工资,如果一个人没有动机,只能发挥其能力的20%-30%,如果受到适当和足够的激励机制,能够发挥80% - 容量的90%,甚至更高。 [2]因此,女性领导人应树立以人为本的管理理念,不断创造了良好的关系和激励环境,充分发挥他们的积极性。
现代研究表明,建立和维护健康的人际交往能力必不可少的健康和福祉,以及人与人之间的关系是分散的,可能是致命的疏忽或破坏。 [3]因此,优秀的团队之间的竞争主导地位的日益趋同。女性的温柔,细腻和充满情感的性格优势,利用有效的沟通技巧,使企业能够有效地产生互信和伙伴关系的领导人应该充分利用。员工的思想和行动达到同样的目的,组织各方面的密切合作,相互支持,提高效率,减少浪费,避免扯皮,重复和摩擦,从而调动员工的积极性,并最终实现组织的目标。女性领导人应该发挥优势,通过更好的沟通和理解员工的心理需求,细腻的情感,员工理解的情感。在较低的支持,放手,充分授权播放他人的长度,注重感情投资与交流。正如英国前首相撒切尔夫人在处理复杂的国家事务,性能强劲,果断,干练,但他的同事和下属都非常好,体贴。