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Thesis Title: Critically assess the theory and practice of strategic planning for tourism-study on Macau
Thesis Language: English
Your research directions: International Tourism and Hotel Management
Profile data processing requirements: No
Your country: Singapore
Your school Background: Singapore MDIS
Requirements Words: 4000words
Paper use: Undergraduate thesis BA Assignment
Need blind trial (PhD or Master needs it): No
Additional requirements and instructions: References format is
Harvard referencing systemTitle: Critically assess the theory and practice of strategic planning for tourism. Your assignment should make extensive 论文代写reference to academic literature in the field.Length: 4,000 wordsSample Format: First, choose a subject. Example: Critical analysis of the strategic planning in the attraction sector of Singapore or other destinations. Next, evaluate the effectiveness of STB or other DMOs and the Government effort and intervention on these strategic plans for the last many years.Thereafter, discover what future plans they have in place and give your critical thoughts . Integrate and reflect back to the theory (literature review) in your thoughts.Assignment Outline In addition, the assignments must be accompanied with: To use format similar to Major Project chapters: 1.Introduction, 2.文章代写 Literature Review 3. Methodology 4. Analysis and Discussions 5.ConclusionsCover Page (inclusive Student's names and ID) Contents Page References (Harvard Referencing System) ------ one paragraph at least one or two references Appendices chart, graphs, figures, picture