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BS1106 Introduction to Business Law Coursework Assignment   Deadline: Friday 14th of November 2014, 8pm, to be submitted   online via Moodle and a hard copy is to be submitted in the   coursework submission box.   These three questions must be answered. The word count for this   assignment is 2000 words (with a margin of 10%). Please note that   marks are given for references and a bibliography (10 marks).   Question 1   How has the range of duty in negligence been developed since   Donoghue v Stevenson? Use case law in your answer (30 marks).   Question 2   1 Fernando owns a London theatre. He makes a contract with Bill   Bright, who is an American singer from New Orleans. The contract is   for him to sing at Fernando’s theatre on the 4th of September for a fee   of £4000. On the 3rd of September an unexpected hurricane hits New   Orleans and all the airports are shut for 3 days and Bill is unable to fly   to England. Fernando has to cancel the concert and refund his   customers at considerable loss.   Advise Fernando on his legal position with reference to legal authority   (10 marks).   2 Albert is an entrepreneur and he runs a business selling tyres for   vintage cars. Albert telephones Bill and offers to sell him 4 extremely   rare vintage tyres for £30,000 with delivery within 3 days of the   contract being made. Bill agrees and pays the money into Albert’s bank   account. Four days later Bill telephones Albert and asks him why he has   not received the tyres, Albert tells him he is going to sell the tyres to   somebody else for a higher price.   (1) With reference to case law advise Bill on his legal position and what   remedies could be available (10 marks).   (2) What would the position be if Bill discovers Albert will be 18 in 2   months’ time? (10 marks)   Question 3   (i) Discuss the differences between criminal law and civil law.   (15marks)   (ii) Advise the Morrisco supermarket chain what are the legal   consequences it can expect after these incidents:   Refrigerated cabinets had been leaking so t